Victoria Beckham is completing rumors that she is developing a Megan Markl wedding dressVictoria Beckham is completing rumors that she is developing a Megan Markl wedding dress

Victoria Beckham seems to have put the design of Megan Marckle’s wedding dress at a disadvantage: she is not only a wise designer, but also has close ties with the royal family after attending the 2011 Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and celebrating his daughter’s sixth birthday. with tea last summer. But during the performance at the last late show, Beckham finished rumors that she was preparing the dress of Markle for the ceremony on May 19.
“How do you design Megan’s dress, are you okay?” Master James Corden asked, trying to catch Beckham unprepared. However, his plan failed, as Beckham categorically denied it. “Maybe you know something that I do not do, I do not dress, but I’m not,” she said, adding: “Unfortunately, no, but I’m sure she looks amazing in everything she wears “.

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Beckham, however, could not answer Corden’s questions about whether they would go with her husband David Beckham, at least to the wedding. When asked if she received her invitation, Beckham answered stupidly: “I do not know, I was here”, before Corden and her guest Shaquille O’Neill began to rock her answering. Beckham tried to divert attention from himself and continued: “I think England is so excited, I mean, it’s so cool, is not it, you look so happy”

Although she says that she does not develop the wedding dress of Markle, Beckham has already spent a minute in the marriage of Megan and Harry. In one of the photos with the duo, which Kensington Palace released last December (one month after the announcement of their participation), Mark is wearing a cream sweater from the Victoria Beckham line. And cross your fingers that Beckham will also play his part at the wedding, where rumors that Spices Girls will perform.

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