New Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic did wonders on my sensitive skin

You see, there is a nourishing and ultra-soothing sister Glow Tonic, a favorite of Pixi Beauty fans, and it is specially designed for sensitive skin, like me. Honestly, I do not know if I’ve ever found a reason to go crazy with toner, but this product has changed on its own. This is an exception! (OK, maybe it will be a little developed, but you have an idea). It’s very good, and it’s not a luxury, but a little expensive. More like non-nonsense, ingredients that, like the skin, actually work somehow.
Enough to talk is what you need to know. A peeling solution called Rose Tonic contains a rich rose petal extract that moisturizes and rejuvenates sensitive and easily irritated skin. It is packed with other ingredients that are comfortable for the skin, such as the old van, that gently lighten and replenish the skin, while aloe vera and chamomile act as a soothing blanket, eliminating dry spots and reducing redness.

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On the day when this cute pink bottle landed on my desk, my skin was in a sad state: a rough, dry and scaly mop of dirty mud around the mouth of the test. I did not have much hope, but I thought it would not hurt to try to look promising on the ingredients list. That night, cleaning my skin, I splashed something onto a cotton swab and gently rocked it on my skin, focusing on the areas where I had the most inflammation. When I looked in the mirror for the application, what I saw almost dropped my jaw. My skin was decidedly calmer, because the redness was significantly reduced.

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