What the fashion industry represents to me as a Muslim woman

Modest fashion, finally, at the right time after winning popularity and popularity in recent years, and, like a Muslim, it seems that it will take time. This recent recording is very important to me, because when I grew up, I never had the same opportunities as all the other girls for clothes. In fact, I always felt excluded.

Earlier, when I was buying clothes, my first priority was to find what I considered to be modest. If the room was in vogue, I was lucky. But there was hardly any clothing that matched the bill. It seemed that every shirt with long sleeves was gray, or when I finally found the perfect thing, I would take it and unfold it, only to find it was silence.

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This allowed me to be creative, combining my outfits and taking them off the box, which helped me develop a sense of individual style. I would put the layers on each other even in hot weather. I would like to adapt the article to add extra food – I went through everything. In the end, however, I felt that nothing in the mainstream fashion industry would ever suit me. The cool world of fashion in which I wanted to be a part was not for girls like me.
Maha-syeda modest fashion

Courtesy of Maha-Sieda

Therefore, I gave up hope that brands supply Muslim women. However, when in 2016 there was something modest fashion movement, it slowly changed. The growth of feminism and social activity began to influence the largest brands around the world, and these companies realized that women expected more from them than in terms of inclusion and diversity. I remember how surprised (and embarrassed) when I saw that Dolce & Gabbana was launching a collection of hijab and abay in the framework of its spring proposals of 2017.
It is important to participate and recognize the needs of Muslim women, especially because the fashion industry is becoming more representative and diverse, even if it is not (and in some cases not yet) always accepted,
For such a remarkable sign, it was unrealistic to admit that for Muslim women who wanted to buy clothes designed specifically for them, there was an unused market. I began to see that more brands recognize and participate in the potential in a modest way. Soon, retailers such as American Eagle, DKNY, Nike and Uniqlo began creating collections to attract these customers, and some even introduced Muslim women to their advertising campaigns. And before I knew it, I finally had a place.

Over time, I noticed that the overlay that I did was fashionable, and tons of skin stopped being the norm. For me, modest clothes were the norm and the international trend, which was more than fascinating. Modest fashion is not limited to Muslim women, it is also popular among the Mormon community. This is not just a fad or something that will be a tendency to relapse in a few decades; This is the basis of everything that I wear, and my style policy.

Maha-syeda modest fashion

Courtesy of Maha-Sieda

It’s really an amazing thing to dress modestly and always be able to participate in fashion. It is important to participate and recognize the needs of Muslim women, especially because the fashion industry is becoming more representative and diverse, even if it is not (and in some cases is not yet) always accepted. It’s great to dress in such a way that I feel comfortable without being a stranger or do not ask about my clothes. It also gives me the confidence to try new styles and be more fashionable, while a few years ago I was not so inspired to express myself through clothes.
Maha-syeda modest fashion

Courtesy of Maha-Sieda

Although modest fashion continues to grow and find its place, I hope that it will become the norm for the general public. Because it’s not just a trend, it’s our way of dressing, a way of life and a movement that makes us feel that we are properly represented and that we are a part of it.

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